A downloadable game for Windows

Faith is set in a fantasy world where a cult has been terrorising the local villagers, you have been tasked with gathering a party and fighting your way to the centre of the cult. You can have a max of three party members and along the way you will find items that will give you stats and abilities. All of the character abilities and stats come from  items you could equip, meaning you can have a rouge with healing abilities, or a mage with rouge abilities.

This is the game I made for my final major project at college, bugs should be expected and development will not continue. This game was made in 3 months from scratch so I didn't have enough time to add all the features I would have liked to, there is currently no sound, the items and block options on the combat menu do not work and there is no ending.


Click on the enemy that you wish to target, you can also target friendly characters, then click the attack use wish to use. After each level you will receive 1 item, or 2 if its a chest, in your inventory, which can be accessed from the icon on the map screen,  location. These can be equipped by clicking it in the inventory then onto the slots under the characters. Escape brings you to the main menu where you can save and continue progress, start a new game, or quit the game.

Install instructions

Extract contents of the .zip then run the "Faith.exe" file.


Faith.zip 15 MB